There are so many highlights to a holiday in Canada. Maple syrup’s a big one where in Quebec you can discover how the sweet treat’s made in a ‘sugar shack’. Then there’s the Thousand Islands on the St. Lawrence River – over 1,800 tiny islets that are freckled with ultra-fancy mansions. We loved our holiday to Niagara Falls. This cluster of three thundering waterfalls is one of the most famous in the world and marks the border between Canada and the USA. The ‘horseshoe’ falls is the biggest of the three, and you can catch it at its most beautiful on an evening visit when rainbow lights shine on the water.

In Eastern Canada, there are plenty of fascinating cities to explore, from French-inspired Quebec to multi-cultural Toronto, where over 140 languages are spoken. Capital city Ottawa is a big-hitter, too, as is Montreal which is home to Canada’s largest church.

Canada’s climate is as varied as they come. Summer highs in some parts of the country can top 35 degrees; in the north, winter temperatures can plummet to as low as minus 25. Spring and Autumn are good times to visit if you want to escape the extremes. The East Coast and the Great Lakes region tend to see more rainfall. Summers here are short, with a mixed bag of rainy, cooler days and hotter, sunnier ones.

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